Active Citizenship

Izmir Youth Municipality will bring a new harmony to youth studies in local governments with the participation of young people between the ages of 18-30. Izmir Youth Municipality, which will open its doors to young participants from 30 districts of İzmir, will play a very important role decision-making processes.

Psycho- Social Service

Professional staff who graduated from higher education institutions, psychology, psychological counseling and guidance, social work and socialogy departments with at least, bachelor’s degree and formal education can work in the psychosocial support unit.

Mediterranean Languages

Mediterranean Languages Center is as project implemented by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in 2020 to invest in the human resources of the city, within the framework of the vision of izmir being one of the leading cities of the Mediterranean area in accordance with its port city identity and rich historical backgrounds.

Awareness Center

A world where we can think freely, look without limits, approach those who are unlike ourselves, see that our differences add a great value to life, enlighten eachother, have the courage to do and create, live by removing the distinction between” disabled and undisabled” and not feeling inadequate , the world will be better.