Genç İzmir Volunteer Team

In the Projects carried out by volunteer team formed in the Historical Havagazı Youth Center located in the Historical Havagazı Factory , some education, training and awareness activities fort he regions of the city with limited social opportunities contribute to the holistic cultural policies of Izmir.
To summarize briefly the work of the volunteer team ;
• Accepting volunteer applications , making preliminary meeting.
• Volunteer training and practices.
• Advising and guiding volunteers during their volunteering period.
• Preparing the activities that the volunteers will implement with the target groups.
• Planning and organizing promotional activities.
• Cooperating with non-governmental organizations about volunteers works.
• Organizing informative and psychologically supportive seminars fort he volunteers according to their interests.
• Organizing activities and organizations that will bring volunteers together.
• Ensuring the participation of youths .
- Projects in which the volunteers of Izmir volunteer team participated.

• Abla Ağabey Projesi
• Bir Köy Masalı Projesi
• İzmir Gençlere Kucak Açıyor Projesi
• Köyde-İz
• Maraton İzmir and other volunteer activities.