Abla-Ağabey-Kardeş Projesi

With Abla -Ağabey -Kardeş Projesi ( Sister ,Brother, Sibling Project ) , we bring together the student of university or graduated between the ages of 18 -30 with primary school students ( 4.5.6. and 7 th grade ).With this project , we aim to increase our social awareness by experiencing sharing and solidarity.

Bir Köy Masalı Projesi(A Village Tale Project)

We set out with the aim of supporting the dreams of children living in villages far from Izmir city center to become university students and on the other hand, to familiarize young university students with village life. We enabled the young people who volunteered in the Sister-Brother-Sibling Project during the winter period to provide social support to the children in the village by working on the “A Village Tale” Project during the summer period.

Izmir Embraces To Youths (İzmir Gençlere Kucak Açıyor)

İzmir Embraces Young People project; During the registration dates of universities in Izmir, universities from outside of Izmir were planned as the first step to create a culture of solidarity with young people. We set out to reduce their concerns about a city they came to for the first time, to deliver them to the registration points of universities, to provide counseling regarding their questions about the city, and to offer short-term accommodation opportunities to solve their problems regarding accommodation during the registration period.

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