Our Centers

Genç İzmir

Genç İzmir; founded on the theme of “Youth-Friendly City” Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, is the point where the Youth of Izmir between the ages of 15-30 come together, socialize, learn and get stronger.</br></br> <b>Genç İzmir;</b> while continuing its activities such as Language Courses, Personal Development Seminars, Public-based Workshops, Social Responsibility Projects, which will contribute to the personal development of our youth in two centers, The Historical Havagazi Factory Youth Center and Genç Izmir Örnekköy, it aims to be together with the young people in far districts with Genç İzmir Mobil. In these contexts, within the scape of Köyde-iz Project, local workshops are held where the youth in the villages and the youth living in the city will come together. Dijital(Digital) Genç Izmir hosts Personal Development Seminars, Workshops and various events that young people from all over Turkey can attend. Access to Dijital(Digital) Genç Izmir, which has approximately 8 thousand members, is provided at gencizmir.com.

The Historical Havagazi Factory Youth Center;
Our center is located in a historical and green area that will contribute to the internalization of the culture of living together and solidarity for young people, that will allow them to contribute to the city they live in through voluntary activities, that they can freely produce projcts in large areas, that they can make prototypes of their projects in workshops, and that they can do research both digitally and the library among the books has come to life. </br></br> The Historical Havagazi Factory Youth Center was planned according to the results of “Izmir Youth Workshop” held on 30 November 2019, with the participation of non-governmental organizations and student societies. </br></br> The registered structures in The Historical Havagazi Factory, which was reshaped according to the results of the workshop, within an area of 23,250 square meters, were reshaped as the Research Library for our youth, Genç Izmir Performance Hall, Fikrimiz ve FabrikaLab Izmir. Moreover, outdoor cinema activities and concerts continue on the grass area of the center. </br></br> At the workshop; 9 main topics, including Education and Training, Employment and Entrepreneurship, Health and Welfare, Social Inclusion, Cultere and Creativity, Youth and Participation, Voluntary Activities, Youth and the World, Life in the City and Security, were discussed.

Genç Izmir Örnekköy;
The Youth Center located in the Örnekköy Social Project Campus is the center used by all young people as well as local youth. It is a center where young people receive free Psycho-social Support Services, apart from attending workshops that will contribute to their personal development. Kumsal Akkın Library, Genç Izmir Activity Hall, Training Hall, Performance Hall and Psychosocial Support Unit serve within the Youth Center.